ThinBlueLineUK Car Sticker

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As the tax disc has been relegated to history there is now an empty spot on your windscreen. These car stickers have been designed to occupy that spot and fit perfectly where the tax disc used to be. It is a simple yet subtle way to show your support for the thin blue line that protects us on a daily basis.

Money raised from the sale of these items will go to support the valuable work carried out by Police charities within the United Kingdom.

This tartan is completely exclusive to the ThinBlueLineUK and is unique in its appearance and meaning. The four colours of the tartan represent the four regions of the United Kingdom. These four colours are drawn together by a thin blue line which intersects them all. It is this thin blue line that has come to represent the police family. A family that is getting ever more stretched and thinner.

Money raised from the sale of this item is split equally between the Police Dependents Trust and UK - Care of Police Survivors.