ThinBlueLineUK Badge

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The thin blue line has come to represent the ever thinning police family, a family that protects us day in and day out despite the risk. This badge is an perfect way for you to show your support for the officers that protect you on a daily basis and at the same time raise much needed funds for the police charities within the UK. Every penny goes to those who need it.

This tartan is completely exclusive to the ThinBlueLineUK and is unique in its appearance and meaning. The four colours of the tartan represent the four regions of the United Kingdom. These four colours are drawn together by a thin blue line which intersects them all. It is this thin blue line that has come to represent the police family. A family that is getting ever more stretched and thinner.

Money raised from the sale of this item is split equally between the Police Dependents Trust and UK - Care of Police Survivors.